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Childhood Sweethearts for literaryspell [NC-17] -- RL/SS, RL/SB

Title: Childhood Sweethearts
Author: tania_sings
Recipient: literaryspell
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Remus/Snape, Remus/Sirius
Warnings: It's smutastic! Featuring my beloved slut!Remus. Bondage, spanking, toys, facial, references to fisting and shaving. Oh, and the buttsecks. Keep the kiddies AWAY!
Summary: Remus gets one night to revisit his past, but all is not as it seems.
Author's note: Written for the prompt: X and Y are together now, but X can't stop thinking about Z. What will Y think when X makes a crazy suggestion? Thanks to the truly amazing songquake for the beta work!
Disclaimer: blah, blah, notmine, blah

"Are you sure you're all right with this?", Remus asked for what felt like the thousandth time. Severus just looked so hurt, and -- unusually for him -- so damn fragile, that he was already regretting ever having brought the idea up in the first place.

His lover shrugged. "I'm not thrilled about it. Would you be? Finding out the person you love wants to shag his ex isn't exactly the recipe for undying happiness, as even you must be aware. But if you need to do it, then you need to do it. There's nothing I can do to stop you."

Remus gently touched Severus' cheek. "There's plenty you can do to stop me. Just say no, and this ends here."

Severus pulled away. "And then you'll keep thinking about Black. You'll keep wanting him, and you'll resent me for wrecking your chance. Eventually, you'll just give in to temptation and fuck him anyway, and then you won't even tell me because I stopped you the first time. I'd rather it all be out in the open between us, if you don't mind."

Remus nodded. A part of him wanted to just call the whole thing off. After all, he loved Severus, loved him quite madly as a matter of fact. Severus was the one who had helped him to discover and accept what it was that he really needed from a lover. But his relationship with Sirius had ended so suddenly, and not by choice for either of them. It had been Azkaban that had broken them up, and that was no way for a love affair to end. Sirius had been his first love, his first kiss, his first everything. He didn't want to hurt Severus, but he couldn't spend the rest of his life wondering if the spark was still there with Sirius. "Thank you for understanding."

Severus snorted and turned to leave. At the door, however, he paused and turned back, crushing Remus to him in a passionate, possessive embrace. "Just remember who you belong to," he muttered. "You're on loan for the night; you're not a gift."

Remus nodded quickly. He was already getting hard; hearing Severus talk about him like he was something he owned always turned him on. Well, he'd be ready for Sirius, at any rate. “I won't forget."

"See that you don't." And with one final kiss, leaving a mark like a brand on Remus' jaw, Severus was gone.

Remus hurried towards the mirror. He wasn't naturally vain; scars and prematurally grey hair didn't lend themselves to vanity. But he had been a lithe youth in his early twenties the last time he'd been with Sirius, and he hoped his ex-boyfriend wouldn't be too disappointed by the changes in him. He dropped his robes and carefully studied his reflection. He was wearing red silk boxers, remembering how much Sirius had loved the colour red on him. His body hair was already shaved off because that's how Severus liked it; he hoped Sirius wouldn't mind. Hurriedly, he shed his socks; there was nothing less sexy than a man standing around in his socks, after all!

"You look delicious."

Remus spun around. Sirius stood in the doorway, staring at him hungrily. Now that the moment he'd been dreaming about was finally here, he found himself oddly tongue-tied. "Thank you", he managed, staring at the floor.

Sirius moved towards the bed, shedding his robes as he walked. He was entirely naked underneath, and Remus felt his body responding to those familiar planes and muscles. Sirius stretched out on the bed. "Come here."

Remus moved towards the bed in a trance. Sirius pulled him down onto the mattress and then rolled them both over so that he was lying on top. "My Moony", he whispered, pulling Remus close for a kiss.

Remus' head swam with desire, but he had to make one point clear before this went any further. "Not yours", he panted. "Can't say that, okay?"

To his surprise, Sirius grinned. "Whatever you say. So long as I get to fuck you, I'm happy. I can't wait to get into that tight little arse of yours."

Once again, Remus was surprised. "You never used to want to be on top."

Sirius shrugged. "Things change. But if you'd rather top, that's fine too."

Remus shook his head. "Actually, these days I prefer to bottom. But, since tonight is all we get, maybe we can do it both ways."

Sirius smiled. "The best of both worlds. Sounds good to me! But no more talking, all right? I've been hard for you all day."

Action instead of talking suited Remus just fine. He set out mapping Sirius' body with his fingers and tongue, discovering what was the same after so many years and learning about all the changes, both little and big. When Sirius pinned him down, pulled off his boxers and sucked his cock deep into his throat, Remus almost screamed in stunned pleasure. That was a change; Sirius had never been this good at giving head before. Remus almost asked if he'd been taking lessons, before he stopped himself. If Sirius had been giving blow jobs in Azkaban, it probably hadn't been by choice. Reminding him of that might kill the mood, and Remus didn't want to do anything that would stop that amazingly talented tongue from massaging his erection the way it was doing.

All too soon, Sirius pulled away. "Enough of that. I need to fuck you now."

Remus moaned at the urgency in the other man's voice. He rolled over and settled himself on his knees and elbows, his arse sticking up in the air. Sirius gave it a few hard smacks, and Remus almost swooned from the pleasure. Merlin, he loved being spanked. In fact, he would have been content to spent the rest of the night just doing this, taking his punishment for setting up this sinful situation in the first place. A harder blow knocked him flat on his stomach, and he cried out as his hard cock made contact with the bedding. It was amazing how Sirius was able to guess what he liked.

Sirius spread Remus's arse cheeks and spit on his own hand. He ran a wet finger around Remus' hole. "Missed this, Moony," he chuckled.

"Don't tease", Remus begged. He thought he might burst if he didn't get fucked soon.

"Impatient as ever", Sirius laughed, but he slid a finger in anyway. "Mmm, that went in easy. Snape fucks you pretty regularly, then?"

"He fisted me last night", Remus panted. "I'm probably still open from that." He remembered Severus' arm buried in his arse up to the elbow, and his cock wept drops of precum at the memory. He loved how Severus pushed his boundaries, making him move past pain into pleasure, even making him crave the pain itself. No one else had ever done that for him.

"Well then", Sirius spoke, bringing Remus back to the present. "No need to waste time prepping you in that case." And with that, he withdrew the finger and pushed his cock into Remus.

Remus' eyes rolled back in his head, but he knew he had to stop this before it went too far. "Condom", he panted. "You need a condom."

Sirius groaned in a combination of pleasure and frustration. "Oh come on, Moony. You feel so good. There's been no one since you; you don't have to worry."

Remus shook his head. "I promised Severus. You need to wear one. They're in the drawer."

Sirius growled as he pulled out, yanking open the nightstand drawer. However, he grinned as he withdrew the thick black dildo. "Snape not enough for you, Remus?"

"It's not that", Remus blushed. "Sometimes I like to pretend I've got two cocks in me." That had actually been his original wish for tonight, but Severus had made it very clear there was no way he could get a hard-on if Sirius was in the room. Actually, he doubted Sirius would have been up for it either.

Nonetheless, Sirius looked very interested in the dildo. He rolled the condom onto himself with one hand as he ran the other one along the smooth black rubber surface. "That a fact?"

Stroking his own latex-covered length with one hand, Sirus slid the dildo into Remus. Remus gasped, savouring the length and thickness of the rubber cock. He barely had time to adjust to the feeling of fullness before Sirius positioned his own erection at the edge of his already stretched arsehole. "You ready?"

"Do it,", he begged.

That was all it took. Sirius crammed his cock into Remus alongside the dildo, and set up a punishing pace. There was no gentleness here, no concern for Remus' well-being. In short, it was exactly as he liked it.

"Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me! Sirius ... Sirius ... Severus ... FUCK!" He babbled incoherently as Sirius slammed into him again and again, battering his prostate with the heads of both cocks. When he was right on the edge, he reached back to stop his lover. "I'm gonna come."

"Thought that was the point." Sirius obviously didn't want to be interrupted.

"I want to fuck you first, remember?"

Remus found himself unceremoniusly flipped over by a clearly furious Sirius. "Demanding bitch", the other man hissed. Sirius ripped off the condom and straddled Remus' chest. "I'm not waiting."

A few quick jerks of his wrist, and Sirius was spurting hard. Remus threw back his head as his face with splatted with come. He licked his lips, thrilling to the salty taste. There was nothing better than being covered in spunk. He scooped a gob off his cheek and spread it over his chest while Sirius rolled a condom onto him and spread oil lube over his length.

"Gonna ride me?", he grinned, as Sirius slipped a leg across his hips and teased his own hole with Remus' cock.

"In a minute,", Sirius smirked. He reached into the nightstand one more time. "Missed these the first time. You really are a naughty boy, aren't you?"

Remus's breath caught as Sirius held up his handcuffs. "Please..."

He reached towards the headboard and sighed with delight as the cuffs clicked around his wrists. He'd been too shy to ask for them before, but he loved to be restrained so much. Some evenings, Severus didn't even bother to let him loose, just fell asleep and left Remus bound until morning. The lingering soreness in his arms was always a delicious reminder of those nights. It was incredible how many of his kinks Sirius seemed to share.

Remus was so worked up that he knew he wouldn't last long. The tight heat of Sirius' arse clenching around his cock was like a sweet velvet vise. He rose up to meet Sirius' downward thrusts twice, three times, four, and then he was screaming, bursting, filling the condom with milky come.

Sirius unlocked the cuffs and cuddled up to Remus, his head resting on the werewolf's chest. "You okay?"

"Never better." It was true. He felt so good. It wasn't only the sex, incredible though that had been. He just felt so at peace, like everything that had been bothering him for so many years suddenly didn't matter any more. He ran his hands along Sirius' back. "Thank you for doing this."

Sirius laughed. "Believe me, it was my pleasure. We can do it again, if you want."

Remus shook his head. "I don't think Severus would like that. He's not into sharing; it took a lot for him to even give us tonight."

"Then forget him." There was an odd note in Sirius' voice. "Greasy git. I don't even know what you see in him. What do you need Snivellus for, anyway? You have me."

Remus forced down a sudden flair of anger. He knew Sirius didn't like Severus; he had been horrified when he had learned that Remus was in love with him. Still, he hated hearing his lover insulted, especially after he had been so generous. "There's no way I could do that. He loves me."

"So do I." Sirius wouldn't, or couldn't, meet Remus' eyes. "I love you so much, Remus; I always have, ever since we were children. When I found out you wanted me too... I just couldn't believe it. And I've never stopped loving you."

Remus felt his heart clench. This wasn't supposed to happen. "I'm sorry, Sirius. Merlin, I'm so sorry. But I'm in love with Severus. He's the one for me, the only one." He knew it was true. No matter how great the sex with Sirius had been, he'd never known it as thoroughly as he did right at that moment:. Severus was the one he wanted for the rest of his life.

"Then what was all this about?" Sirius' tone sounded strangely urgent.

"Just putting old ghosts to rest. Didn't Severus explain? He said he'd told you everything." Damn it, Remus knew he should have made all the arrangements himself. But Severus had been so insistent on taking care of it, and Remus hadn't wanted to argue since he was getting what he wanted. Still, he didn't want to see Sirius hurt.

"He told me." Sirius sighed. "I just thought... I guess it's really over then."

"It really is", Remus agreed. "Are you okay?"

"I guess I'll have to be." Sirius sat up and began to get dressed. "You're absolutely sure?"

"I am." There was no doubt in Remus' mind.

"Well, he's a lucky man." Sirius was buttoning his robes. "I mean that. It's not just because you're a great lay. Someone like you comes along once in a lifetime, Remus. If he's got you for keeps, he's the luckiest guy in the world."

"Are you sure you're all right?" Sirius' voice was trembling with emotion and Remus was afraid he was going to cry.

"I'll be fine. I just think it would be easier if ... would it be okay if we didn't talk about this again? I'd just like to pretend it didn't happen, so we can go on being friends. Is that all right?"

Remus nodded; that would be the most comfortable route for him too. "I'll see you around, then?"

"Not if I see you first." Sirius flashed his trademark cocky grin, but it didn't make Remus' heart flutter the way it had done yesterday. He knew those days were finally over. He watched Sirius leave the room with absolutely no regrets at all.

In the corridor, Severus Snape slumped against the wall, tears of joy and relief running down his face. It had all turned out better than he could have dared to hope. He headed down the stairs towards the guest room. He could sleep there until the polyjuice potion wore off.
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