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Author/Artist Sign-ups!

Author/artist sign-ups for Trianglefest '09 begin right now!

Make sure you read the RULES and look at the TIMELINE. If you have any questions, the FAQ is a great place to start.

July 1-July 18: Author and artist sign-ups!
July 19-July 23: Pick a fic request from a list.
July 25, 2009: All assignments sent out by this date.
September 27, 2009: All assignments are due!
October 4, 2009: Posting begins.

The exchange is anonymous so we're screening all comments. But unlike most other exchanges, we'll be putting up all your lovely requests in a list and letting you choose which fic you want to write. Without further ado!

Copy and paste this form into a comment to this post to sign up for Trianglefest. Please include at least TWO triangles to give our writers/artists a little wiggle room.

Sample sign-up:

Name: Terra
Username: terravayne
Email: terravayne@gmail.com
Age (or are you over 18?): 21
Willing to create (fic, art or either?): fic
Prefer to receive (fic, art or either?): either

Your Request
Pairings/threesomes/triangles you want to receive: Draco/Hermione/Theo, James/Lily/Sirius, Harry/Draco/Ron, Bellatrix/Lucius/Narcissa
Preferred Rating: any
Three prompts:
1) Two people in the above pairings are married and one of them cheats on the other with the third person.
2) A swashbuckling adventure!fic involving cursed artefacts and lots of traveling taking place during the summer in-between years at Hogwarts.
3) A story that explores the issue of blood prejudice and how it's overcome in a realistic way.

What you'd like to see in your fic/art: angst, drama, a little romance, dub-con, canon portrayal of characters, happy ending optional
Dealbreakers: fluff, OOC, AU, non-con, bloodplay, watersports, extreme BDSM, chan, scat
Anything else we should know: I've got my own beta reader so I won't be needing any help finding one.
Tags: sign-ups

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