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HP Triangle

Love in Three Dimensions

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A Love Triangle Fest: Love in Three Dimensions
♣ about us

What are we about? Love triangles, of course! Be it the Trio, a Draco sandwich or Hermione caught in-between two very bad men…it’s all welcome here! You've got a love triangle of any kind? Then you have a home here.
trianglefest ♦

The very first Trianglefest will begin on July 1, 2009 with author/artist sign-ups. Trianglefest is an anonymous fic exchange open to all pairings. The only caveat is that it must feature three HP characters in a romantic way. Unrequited feelings and past relationships are just fine, but we’re not about friendship or family (although, those themes are certainly welcome in fic).
♥ what's allowed

We want love triangles – angst, fluff, dark, funny, dramatic, unrequited, cross-gen, next-gen, inter-house, slash, het, femslash, any combination thereof, what have you! The sky's the limit here at hp_triangle.
after the exchange ♠

What about the rest of the year? When the exchange is over, this comm is open to all love triangle fics...just like any normal fic comm. Every member is welcome to post their own fics and/or art.

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